• Product description

  • During the past years, we gained expertise in titanium part production. Many customers solutions were handled through Palatina Works. The quality of a titanium part is already mainly determined when the raw material is selected. We use trustworthy material sources, we frequently test our products and we can offer testing services to our customers. I you want to compare us to other competitors, just start with the appearance of our parts. Due to the material selection and the precise CNC-process, our products have an absolutely shiny surface. Check our products for symmetry. For example: The head of our screws is perfectly centered. Titanium parts are generally expensive goods. This is why it is even more important to use reliable manufactureres to get these parts produced. We generally recommend to fully CNC titanium parts; but rolled threads and punched screw heads are as well available options.

    Palatina Works Co., Ltd. offers the nicest Titanium Screws. We are not striving to offer our customers the cheapest solution. Our aim is to offer Ti-Bolts which have a very nice appearance and conquer the hearts of the customers by the brilliant machining job. Check it out and compare! You will have difficulties to find more precise solutions with a better appearance.
  • Manufacturing techniques: CNCd or punched & rolled
  • Material: Ti 6Al-4V (top tier material source)
  • Optimized head design to realize a perfect leightweight screw. Exact thread and head alignment. Extensive screw-lenght range.
  • We welcome you to approach us with your request. It doesn't necessarily need to be a screw or bolt. Difficult shapes are our speciality.
  • Product details

    Screw Type: Rotor Bolts Diff. Applications Diff. Applications
    Thread: M5 M5 M6
    Head design: PW-Flanged PW-Flanged PW-Flanged
    Socket design: Torx T25 4mm Hex 5mm Hex
    Head diameter: 9mm 8mm 10mm
    Thread length: 8mm to 12mm 8mm to 20mm 8mm to 30mm
    Different Screw Diameters / Head Shapes / Thread Lengths on Request