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Product description

  • Question: How was it possible to come up with a quick-release which is better than the thousands of existing versions?
  • Answer: It was difficult but possible!
  • We started to analyze the ratio needed for the quick-release lever. The clamping force is key for a good quick-release. A lot of quick-releases might look similar, but this one has a well thought through geometry. The titanium axles have a smaller diameter in the center. The caps can be micro-adjusted due to the finepitch thread on the axles. A top tier material supplier was selected for the axle-material. Compatibility Range: Standard MTB and Road Bike Dimensions. Weight starts from 44g (Pair).
  • Our skewers are supplied with a special key which fits to the nuts. The axles are as well made out of the finest titanium and have a smaller diameter in the center. The weight is very attractive as the tightening lever can be removed. The weight of 36g refers to the weight of both axles without the lever.

Product details

Compatible to: MTB QR Road Bike QR   MTB Skewer Road Skewer
Front: 100mm hub 100mm hub   100mm hub 100mm hub
Rear: 135mm hub 130mm hub   135mm hub 130mm hub
Built for: Max: 2x9mm dropouts Max: 2x10mm dropouts   Max: 2x9mm dropouts Max: 2x10mm drop.
Weight: 45g (pair) 44G (pair)   36G (pair) 36G (pair)
Axle Material: Ti6Al4V Ti6Al4V   Ti6Al4V Ti6Al4V