Product description

  • Then, there is a third version of tapered headsets: The Drop-in headset, based on the FSA-Standard, where the bearing cups are integrated in the frame and the bearings are just dropped in the head tube of the frame. The upper bearing has an outer diameter of 41.8mm and usually fits to frames with 41.8 to 42.0mm drop diameter. The normal bearing height is 6.5mm but we also had requests for bearings with 8mm height.
  • The lower bearing has an outer diameter of 51.8mm and usually fits to frames with a 51.8 to 52.0mm drop diameter. The rest of the headset-parts are, as usually, designed to be extremely light.
  • We have chosen 7075 T6 Material to produce all aluminium parts of the headset.
  • The weight in the table below is measured without top cap, without alloy bolt and without star nut.

Product details drop in

Headset Data:  
Upper Bearing: 41.8mm, 45°
Lower Bearing: 51.8mm, 45°
Material: 7075 T6
Weight: 66G