Product description

  • A lightweight expander which works on different fork shaft materials like steel, alloy and last but not least carbon. The design refelcts our tribute to fuctionality and the concept to realize a lightweight solution for our customers. The main body of the expander weights just 11.3 g, the 32mm long countersunk alloy bolt weights just 2.4 g and the carbon top cap has a weight of 3.7g.
  • The adjustment range corresponds to the inner diameter of the shaft which starts at 21mm and reaches up to 25.2mm. This range should fit to most carbon shafts.

Product details

Compatible to: Carbon, alloy or steel shafts with an outer diameter of 1 1/8 inches
Weight: 11,3 g for the expander itself
Weight: 2.4 g for the countersunk alloy bolt
Weight: 3.7g for the full carbon topcap
Installation dimensions: min 21mm to max 25.2mm
Material: 7075 T6 alloy