DiskRims 29er

Product description

  • Our Beta profile is a wider version of our Alpha rim. The weight is round about 20g heavier than the corresponding Alpha profile.
  • The rims are designed for Cross Country and All Mountain Light.
  • The Beta rim has as well pressure limits for the tyre and weight limitations for the rider. Weight starts from 360g (26 inch - no Eyelets).
  • The triangular shape of our rim offers a stiffer rim structure which gives the potential for rougher grounds than our responsive Alpha profile.
  • Both of our rim profiles are as well available in 29 inch. In order to ensure the strenght of the wheelset, we only offer 32 holes on 29 inch rims. Weight starts from 380g (Alpha profile - no Eyelets).
  • The Beta rims are available with or without eyelets - just on customer requests.
  • OEM and ODM requests are welcome.

Product details

Type Inches Hole Color Weight (+15g / -10g)
Beta MTB 26 28 Black 360g
Beta MTB 26 28 White 400g
Beta MTB 26 32 Black 360g
Beta MTB 26 32 White 400g
Beta MTB 650B 28 Black 380g
Beta MTB 650B 28 White 420g
Beta MTB 650B 32 Black 380g
Beta MTB 650B 32 White 420g
Beta MTB 29 32 Black 400g
Beta MTB 29 32 White 440g