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  • The Yuniper C-Rims are made form special carbon material. Due to the high-end material selection and the excellent manufacturing techniques, the wheels do not have and do not need a clear coat paint-job to make them look nice. These carbon rims come out of the mold like this. The Yuniper C-Rims are the perfect combination of design and performance. They are developed for the toughest ascents on mountain roads but are at the same time stiff enough for cobblestones. The rims give a high level of output and efficiency on all courses and are a versatile with a very low weight. The 38mm high rim profile offers superior aerodynamics, ride qualities strength and handling. These rims have been continously developed and tested to the limit. The brake-pad contact area has a special glass-fibre surface to improve the friction coefficient and to limit the heat impact during braking on long descents.
Rim Data  
Version: Tubular
Spokeholes: 20/24/on request
Width / height: 38mm / 21mm
Weight: 350g
Surface Finish UD - not painted